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Another cool part about this laptop is the swappable drive bay which originaly houses your DVD rewriter but can be swapped for a second battery (included) or a second hard disk (not included) Some brands I like for quality, like Nvidia and Enermax, others because I’ve been using that brand for an eternity and never had a problem.
In a previous entry I talked about the Asus R1E. When comes to computers I’m set on brands for some reason (Arizona State University).

. . Internet surfing is not a hassle at all and the built in wireless connector does it’s job just fine at finding and connecting to the right networks After having spend some time with it I’m now ready to pass my final judgment on this fine piece of hardware. Asus falls in that last category, I have been using the Asus brand for years now in most of the desktop computers I have built over the years. You’d expect to be able to work for a few hours on a laptop without an electrical socket nearby but apparently 2 hours is all you’re getting at most from the original battery which is kind of disappointing but not a huge disaster for most users I’m sure.
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